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A favorite for hunting, fishing, sailing or paddling with kids or dog in the boat.   Pontoon floats on telescoping outrigger arms to prevent tipping. 

See them in action on the Chicago river.  Click Here.  We also have an Explanatory VideoClick Here.

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Two Styles                                               

  • Ethafoam Floats (picture below) - DISCONTINUED
  • Streamlined Hydrodynamic Floats (2nd and 3rd pictures below)

These aren't just for sailing but they ARE great for sailing.  Above, Rob with ethafoam stabilizers.  Below, Jim with hydrodynamic stabilizers. Yes, these stabilizers use the lever lock system for height adjustment!  Yes, the hydrodynamic floats come in choice of colors! YES, we can fit any canoe width or brand.  YES we give free domestic shipping on stabilizers (lower 48 states).  YES we ship worldwide. There is a comment space when you check out to specify size, color, any special requirement there. Or email us or call us.

Sailing, fishing or just messing around, you want to stay rightside up.  But you have limited time, space and patience, so your canoe stabilizer has to be simple, strong, versatile, convenient and highly effective.   Our amas (floats) slide in, out, up and down and lock where you want them.  Canoe stabilizer clamps onto any canoe in just a few minutes.  Same clamp-on crossbar accepts wheels, sail mast, leeboards, bench, rowing outriggers -- that's versatility. These are the key attributes of our canoe stabilizer:  Adjustability, installability, portability, durability, versatility, stay-right-side-up-ability!

Explanatory Video: Click Here.


Customer Review:  Click Here  "We had 2 adult men standing and casting full strength" 

MIT buys them to stabilize unmanned kayak drone with expensive payload: Click Here


Outriggers with Hydrodynamic float. Lever lock easy height adjustment (see picture below right).

Mount canoe stabilizer at bow, middle, stern or in between.  Gunwale clamps slide together or apart to adapt to canoe width. 



Standing in a canoe is inherently dangerous, but a lot less dangerous with our stabilizer. For sailing and motoring, the Hydrodynamic style of float is best. It's more streamlined, stronger and has 15% more bouyancy.


Floats retract to sides of canoe.  True for both types.  Ethafoam is in picture above.  This canoe also has "sponsons" -- flotation strips bolted on for additional safety, sold here. When float is fully extended, spring button pops up thru hole in crossbar;  just push it down to retract float arm.   Hole also provided for intermediate position lock.
Adjust float up and it will hover over water ready to catch you if you start tip.  This is Ethafoam float. Adjust float down to maximize stabilizing action.  Top of tube to bottom of float is about 12" (Ethafoam float) or 16" (Hydrodynamic). New Lever Lock system replaces knob-actuated clamp shown in this photo.

(At Left) Gunwale clamps are U-bolts that fit over the crossbar, so they can slide in or out to align with edges of the canoe.   This means you can put a long crossbar on a narrow canoe and get more stability.   It also means you can mount the stabilizer in the middle of the canoe where it's wide, or at bow or stern where it's narrow.  Adjustability = flexibility in how you use it.

Clamp reaches under lip (overhang) of gunwale to clamp the crossbar down.  We call this canoe and inside-lip canoe because the lip is on the inside.   For outside lip, clamp is turned around and mounted outside the canoe, and crossbar must overhang edges of boat at least 2" on each side (so add 4" to boat width to find minimum crossbar length).

More pictures, more details: Click Here   


The stabilizer crossbar is actually the heart of a whole system of canoe accessories.  It's on your canoe, it's strong, it's got 2 tubes in it that things can slide into and holes to engage spring buttons, so why not put it to work in more ways?  Like wheels for land transport, leeboards to keep you going straight even in crosswinds, a downwind "spirit sail", a full upwind sail rig that make your canoe a fully operational sailboat, rowing attachment, motor mount, seat that goes on top, etc.  


Stabilizer carrying bag:   Nylon bag with full-length zipper and shopping-bag style carrying handles made of webbing that goes all the way under and around twice.  Fits either style stabilizer.

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More Info

Vertical tube in Hydrodynamic float is removeable for compact storage.  Just pull pin. Groove accepts tube flat for storage.  Tubes in Ethafoam floats are not removeable like this. 


Hydrodynamic floats are guaranteed for 5 years.  Metal parts are anodized aluminum or stainless steel.  Strong and won't rust. 

Stay right-side-up-ability

Bouyant pontoons spread wide apart prevent capsizing of canoe.


Wide Stance

The telescoping float arms extend 22" out from the crossbar on each side when fully extended.  So, if you get a 40" crossbar, total span is 7 feet (40" 22" 22" = 84" = 7').  Wide span multiplies bouyancey of the floats through leverage.   But you don't have to fully extend.   Float arms also lock at 15" extension point (total 70" with 40" crossbar).

Dimensions, materials, weight   

The Ethafoam floats are 6 inches in diameter and 26" long.  They are solid, closed-cell resilient foam that won't absorb water, crack, split or shatter even in cold weather.  The Hydrodynamic floats are 37" long x 7" max. width & depth (prior version is 42" x 6" so you may get either during changeover). They are hollow, rigid, high-impact plastic. Weight for the whole system is about 9 lbs. for the Ethafoam stabilizer; or 16 lbs for the Hydrodynamic stabilizer.   Broken down, either style fits in a bag we sell that measures just 48" x 7" x 9", and that includes the crossbar, the arms & both floats, all in that one little bag.  Metal parts are anodized aluminum and stainless steel.  Nothing to rust.

Popular & Proven  

Both styles have enjoyed great market success and customer satisfaction over many years.     

"Jim, I received the outriggers and they work great—truly sweet! "

-- Thom E.   June 2010 (bought ethafoam type)

Choose Your Size

The telescoping float arms slide in and out of fixed center section ("crossbar").  Crossbar has two square tubes running through it to receive the float arms.   The crossbar is the part that clamps across your canoe.   Choose a crossbar length long enough to span your canoe, or longer.  For canoes with outside gunwale lips (Coleman, Pelican, Lincoln) oversize by at least 4 inches to allow clamps to go on outside.  Standard crossbar lengths are 30", 36", 40" and 45"  or for $10 extra, we'll do a custom length (pay the $10 click here). Email after ordering to specify length.   Or you can put this information in the "comments" section of the checkout page where you enter your address etc.  You can even take care of international shipping there.  If you have a Mad River Adventure, please tell us so we can send special clamps.

Why buy from SailboatsToGo?

Emails and phone calls answered promptly by me, Jim Luckett, co-owner.  Most informative web page.  Informative Video. Satisfaction guaranteed or return for refund.  Competitive prices.  No bull.  Example:  If you're not motoring or sailing, save $100 and get the Ethafoam stabilizer.  It's a quality product, lighter, more compact and it's all you need for paddling.

"Your Stabilizer is a great product. It has surpassed my expectations. It saved us from tipping during sudden bad weather while crossing a lake.  Thanks." --  Darren  D. (Canada)


Need Extreme Stabilization?  Get Our 4-Float Stabilizers: More info


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