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Canoe Sail Rig Customer Comments

We love getting messages and pictures from our customers.   This one is from a customer in Storrs, CT.

"I love the sailing rig and sailing my canoes. The sailing rig was here within 3 days and I sailed that weekend after setting up in yard. See picture. Light wind but gusty and the Mad River really took off - left a wake... This gives me a whole new dimension to my canoes."

-- Nelson

"I went out again today and this rig ROCKS!! I wish I had learned to sail as a kid because sailing is  soooo much fun!" -- Wes W., Dec 2010
"Bought a Canoe sail rig this winter   Have used it 3 times and love it    Your videos and descriptions are great but the unit itself is outstanding you have to see it in real life before you realize how much thought went into the set up   thank you again!"   - - Tom  May 2011
"Hey Jim!!
 I received all of the parts for my sail kit last week and assembled it on Thursday.
 I have never sailed before so I was a bit worried about taking it out. After reading the very clear and simple instructions you provided in the package, I placed the sail kit on my 15 ft Old Town canoe, sailed out into Back Bay state park here in Virginia and proceeded to have the absolute best time I have ever had on the water! (BTW, I have been in the US Navy for 19 years!!!)
 My 14 year old says "Sure beats Paddling!" We plan to spend many more hours out on the water with this fantastic kit.
Thank you,"
C B. - April 2010
"I bought one of these kits for my 16 foot kevlar with ribs three years ago…People treat me like I have a .....$80,000 dollar boat..... and several people smile and give compliments or ask questions of me on each outing.  I will never look back because this boat is fun and simple to operate." by Retiremesoon, August 2010
"The sail rig is great and works well with the canoes I have." -  Gareth 3/2/2008

In winter 2008,  a potential buyer (Larry) asked to hear from recent buyers of the canoe sail kit.   He wanted to know if they were happy with their purchase.   So, we emailed  3 buyers who bought in late summer 2007 to write him.   One, Rich K., wrote the following on 2/2/2008:

"Dear Larry,

I ordered the sail rig from Jim late last summer because I really needed and wanted a sailboat. First some background. I used to live in Florida and owned a Precision P-18 sailboat. It was a wonderful little sailboat (18 foot). When I moved back to Wisconsin, I brought my P18 with me only to find that the hundreds of small lakes close to where I live did not have a launching ramp suitable for my P18, so I sold it. I figured I'd do fine with out a boat, and boy was I wrong! One day I stumbled across Jim's web page and I became very interested. I first ordered the plans thinking I'd save some money and do it myself.

After getting the plans, I realized that it would take some time to get everything right and setup and I didn't feel like doing all the work, so I ordered the full rig including the larger sail. When all the parts arrived, I had everything put together in less than 30 minutes in my living room, less the canoe of course! I was very pleased with the quality and toughness of the parts. I am a mechanical Engineer, so everything got a serious look! After everything was together, I couldn't wait to see how it fit on my canoe. I had a very new old towne 16 foot canoe in my garage, so I dragged it out on my driveway. For the second time this day, I was completely pleased at how well and secure everything attached to the canoe. It took about 45 minutes to get everything located correctly on the canoe and I still had room for a second passenger forward (my crew).

The next day I headed for the lake. I had the boat rigged in less than 30 minutes (quicker the second time) and I had gathered quite the audience at the boat ramp. Everyone kept saying "I think you're nuts for putting a sail on a canoe" so I became a little nervous. I launched the canoe, my crew extended the floats, loosed the sail and I sheeted it home! I was sailing that fast! I was also blown away at how quickly I was racing across the lake! There was an older gentleman in a kayak with a sail who was very interested in my rig. He delayed his sailing so he could watch my canoe. He paddled along side when I was preparing to sail and asked if he could sail along with me. I told him that this was my first sail so don't expect much and that he was welcome to come along! In less than a minute he was falling further and further behind in my wake, and I mean WAKE! I was really moving along nicely. I only wished I bought a

21 foot canoe!!

As far as strong wind goes, on my second sail, the wind was about 15 mph and a little gusty. I was a little skeptical especially because of the larger sail, but I was proved wrong again. The rig handles just fine. However, the skipper needs to be on his toes. I got halfway knocked down because of my previous sailing experience, I failed to let go the main sheet and gust started to lay me over. I shipped about 10 inches of water that day. It was the quick thinking of my crew who hiked out that saved us from a complete knockdown. Once I started paying attention ( which is hard to do because you are having so much fun) then wind was not a problem. This rig is very well engineering and extremely well made.

I've made two modifications since my purchase. I rig has no wind indicators or tell-tales, so I attached a tell-tale to the top of the mast. It works great up there. I also attached a small block to the boom which really helps with the main sheet handling. Both modifications cost less than $20.

The boat sails its best running with the wind. She won't sail as close to the wind as a sloop rigged boat. It will take a couple of extra tacks to sail upwind and I'm sure this comes from being a lateen rig.

In really light winds, lower the sail and paddle.

This summer I plan to use the rig fishing! If you leave the sail hoisted up the mast and detach the main sheet, you can raise the lower boom, gather the sail and bungy tie it to the mast. This gets the sail complete clear of the boat so you can fish! Since there is no standing rigging, there is nothing but the mast in your way.

You asked if I would buy another, in a second! I have satisfied my desire to sail. I don't have to hassle with big lakes, big boat ramps, large launch fees, stepping heavy masts, and I still get that thrill of feeling the boat come alive when the rudder starts to bite and the main sheet starts to tug! When you sail a canoe, its pure sailing and nothing more! I hope you buy one. Email me anytime you like if you have questions about your rig.

Best regards,

Rich K.

Skipper, Snowshoe II

Hartland, WI"

"Dear Jim,

We love your sailing rig! We have used it with our 14 ft.Grumman canoe, and it works unbelievably well! Everyone who sees it is curious, and several people have been very interested in getting one. We told them all about you, and the helpful, friendly service you provide...

Thanks for providing such a high quality product!

Radha  10/19/2007

"It's been a lot of fun. I don't know what modifications you did, but whatever it was it's great. It makes our canoe into a real sailboat"

Steve R.   10/4/2007

"By the way, everything works fantastic, I really enjoy sailing with all this stuff. I never thought my canoe could go so fast��if I could just get a little more power to climb over that bow wave��"

Douglas R. 10/2/2007

"Jim -Had great fun with the sailing canoe kit! We had mild then strong winds (a nearby flag was nearly straight out flapping whatever knots per hour that would indicate) and it handled quite nicely, a little scary but it was easy to let the wind out of the sail and the canoe was surprisingly fast...Easy tacking too with no sliding sideways across the water. Very happy with the kit on the whole!"

Jim C.  7/23/2007



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