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"My 2 Sons Gave Your Sail Rig The Best Review You Could Ask For -- 'BUY A SECOND ONE NOW, DAD!'"

Hi, Jim,

We sailed our new 6004 rig [The Any Kayak Upwind Sail Kit] today for the first time, and it was great, even in a really light wind! 1st time setup took maybe ½ hour to 45 minutes with the help of my two teenage sons, will be really easy next time. I will be ordering a second duplicate rig immediately, so look for the order coming through, probably tonight!

Here’s a few photos taken today, if you’d like to use these for any purpose in your site, go right ahead.







The third shot is of my wife and two sons downstream at the mouth of the river (the Hudson is on the other side of the railroad bridge):



My two sons gave your rig the best review you could ask for – my older son (on the right) after trying it, immediately told me “you HAVE to get another one of these!” He knows what he’s talking about; if you zoom in and look closely at the back of his team shirt, you can read “Maine Maritime Academy Offshore Sailing.” Both sons (16 and 19) are experienced sailors and sail instructors. Their evaluation was that this was a VERY efficient rig that will really fly in a good wind.

My wife and I will be spending a week on Lake Champlain in July, and she also loved the rig when she tried it today, so now that she’s convinced, too, you can look for that order for the second rig coming through right away....


Thanks again,


Andy H.

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