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Sailing the Sea Eagle 380X in Hawaii

(A Customer Report)


"Hi Jim, I bought the 380X kit from you back in 2013. Since then I’ve sailed it a lot in Hawai’i every time we go there to see family. Love to sail a few miles out into the deep blue. It just slides over the swells and is super fun!i used to windsurf and sail hobies back in the day but this is actually more fun and comfortable for me. So easy to set up and break down. I use the 66 foot sail and wrap the sail line down around the paddle handle and just hold onto the line so I can lean back more. This is us sailing today in Lanikai. Thanks for coming up with this idea. Great product! Take care, "  -- Doug E.

Posted August 2023 to our Facebook forum Sailboats To Go Sailors


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