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Adjustable Length Tiller Assembly for Super Snark & Sunflower
Item #: 5599

product_image Our own invention to replace the OEM Snark tiller. Adjusts easily from 3 feet long down to 1 foot or less. Just loosen hand knob that locks it and slide to desired length. Easy to do while sailing. The long length is great if you want to move your weight forward for better balance when sailing solo. The short length is convenient when you are sitting toward the stern. Bolts right onto the OEM rudder head and has a place to tie on the sheet line. Standard OEM non-adjustable tiller is item 5600. The adjustable tiller ships sooner, in addition to its other advantages, because it comes from us and we give faster order turnaround time. The other tiller ships from the factory and so usually takes longer to get. Also available in a complete high performance rudder assembly as item 8024. Even if you don't need the whole rudder, you might want to click on the item 8024 just to see the picture there of this tiller on the rudder.

PRICE: $49.00 + $12.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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