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Better Daggerboard (but discounted due to warp)
Item #: 7971

product_image Lower-cost alternative to the item 7970 (click) "better dagger board." These are priced lower because they are slightly warped. They work just as well, but we have to give a discount for the slight warp. Also, the form is like the OEM wooden ones, with a rigid handle sticking up, instead of the nice soft strap of item 7970. (compare pictures)

The stop (part that sticks out below the handle) is 10 inches long unless you tell us to cut it down. Measure the recess at the top of your daggerboard well and let us know if 10 inches long will not fit. Some boats have only an 8-inch recess. You can still use a daggerboard with a 10-inch stop with an 8-inch recess, but the stop will sit above the recess instead of going down into it.

These better-than-original dagger boards for the Super Snark, Sea Snark, Sunflower and Sea Skimmer usually ship within 3 business days of your order. Better because:

- Made of a tough synthetic material. No more worries about delaminating plywood.
- Stronger, which is important if you are pulling on it to right a capsized boat
- Thinner and smoother so it slips in and out easily.
- Fully covers the slot in the boat so less chance for water to spray up through the slot in rough conditions.
- Less buoyant so it will not float up in the daggerboard slot.
- Shipped from our own inventory so your order is not delayed by factory order processing time.

For OEM wood dagger board see item 8010.

PRICE: $45.00 + $15.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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