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Float rod extensions for stabilizer (outrigger) floats
Item #: 5021

product_image Pair of vertical extensions that increases the range of adjustment possible for height of the stabilizer floats. Without extensions, ethafoam floats have 5 inches of vertical adjustment, which is enough to reach the water on most canoes. Hydrodynamic floats have 8-inch range of adjustment. The float itself is 6 inches high. So the bottom of your float, without these extensions, is 6 to 11 inches below your gunwales (ethaforam) or 6 to 14 inches below (hydrodynamic). If that's not low enough to reach the water because you have unusually high sides on your canoe, or if you want to force the floats down to press harder on the water for greater stability when stationary, these will increase the vertical distance from the top of the float rod to the bottom of the float by up to 10 inches. However, the coupling between the extension and the standard float rod will not fit through the clamp on the end of the horizontal arm, so the range of adjustment is just the 10-inch length of the extension. You can cut the vertical tube on the float, so that the coupling ends up near the float. In that case, the maximum distance from the top of the float rod, as extended, to the bottom of the float will be 16 inches plus however much length you leave on the float rod, minus the overlap of about an inch. And the range of adjustment will be 10 inches. Free shipping if ordered with other item. Otherwise add $8 via custom payment (item 8888).

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