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Saturn OK420 Self-Bailing 14' Inflatable Kayak
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product_image Commercial grade inflatable kayak that can be used almost anywhere, suitable for rentals and recreation. 4 self bailing openings along floor allow water to escape while thick raised floor prevents flooding of cockpit. That makes new OK420 kayak ideal for use not only on white water river, lake or bay, but also in an ocean, where waves can get inside kayak and then freely escape through the openings along the floor. The interior will never be completely dry, but it also will never be swamped. Also features 2 removable directional fins, one in front and one in rear. Two fins provide greater directional stability, eliminating fishtail action. You can use 1 fin, 2 or remove both for use in a white water river. Catamaran-hull design (meaning floor is raised underneath so side tubes are main things in the water) helps with stability and reduce friction with a water. Color is Blue. Seats optional - add $39 per seat.

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