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Super Deluxify Package for Inflatable Dinghy Sail Kits
Item #: 308

product_image Add this item to make all these changes to the kit you are ordering today (don't order without a kit in the same order):

-- Adds Sail Kit Bag 6007

-- Substitutes Taller & stronger heavy duty mast

-- Substitutes Larger 55 SF sail

--- Upgrades sail fabric to thicker, non-stretchy, Dacron fabric with extra reinforcement stitching at stress points, by famous sail company Neil Pryde International. Choice of 4 color schemes Red and white stripes, navy blue/white/yellow, teal blue white yellow, navy blue/gray. Please state choice in order comments.

-- Adds spar extension required for the larger sail.

-- Substitutes Quick Release leeboard mounts. Never need to unscrew your leeboards. Just leave attached to leeboards and remove from frame by one pushbutton. Mount and leeboard together fit in the bag without taking them apart from each other.

-- Substitutes Unbreakable polycarbonate leeboards.

-- Adds a $29-value DC electric inflator to reduce the work of inflating your boat by 90% or more. You still have to finish off with a few strokes of the hand or foot pump, to add pressure, but all the air needed to fill the boat to its final shape is done for you. Plugs into car "cigarette lighter" power port.

-- Second steering oar, oarpin and strap so you can switch steering hands without moving the oar. There will always be one at the ready for either hand.

When you add all these things with this item, it does not increase the domestic shipping charge!

What more could you add? Wheels! The slip-on wheels for launching and pulling out and portaging to your vehicle or storage spot are not included, but are available.

This package is suitable for upgrading the basic versions of all our inflatable dinghy sail kit like the Mariner 3 or 4, Marine Pro, Nanocat, Saturn Minicats, Sea Eagle SE 9. Questions? Email or call Jim. 1-978-263-7598 (eastern time zone). No texts.

PRICE: $359.00 + $0.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

Email Questions To:
(978) 263-7598  (Direct Line to Owner & Manager Jim Luckett)
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