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Not Available Intex Mariner 3 inflatable boat set
Item #: 3028

product_image First it was the Sport 400, then the Seahawk II, now the name is Mariner 3, but by any of its names, it is the same great boat. The Mariner 3 makes a terrific inflatable sailboat with the addition of our sail rig (not included). Without the rig it's a good rowboat or you can add motor mount and trolling motor. Comes with oars, duffel bag and hand pump. 3-ply skin is thicker and less stretchy than most other inflatable boats in this price class, so it inflates firm and rigid. Upturned bow and stern ride over choppy water better than flat-bottomed boats. Approx 117" L x 50" W x 18" H, 3 adults , total payload: 660 lbs. The boat is about 70 lbs. New model. Accepts Intex motor mount. Roll-up solid floor. Two oarlocks. Two rod holders. Bow and stern handles. Grab line. Rock guard. Repair kit. All included. A fabulous value.

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Pandemic note: Boat costs have become very volatile so we cannot promise to honor this price. If we need to charge more, we will contact you and give you an opportunity to approve or cancel.

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