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13' Saturn Kayak with Sail Kit
Item #: 302

product_image Same as item 300 but a foot longer and the hull color is red. A really great performing, comfortable, durable sailing kayak. Complete inflatable sailboat including 13' hull, sail kit (including leeboards, 2 steering oars, mast, sail spars, attaching straps, frame), hand pump, carry bag for boat. Note: Sail kit design is now the U-shaped front assembly (click) so it doesn't occupy any cockpit space. Everything we've tried from Saturn has impressed us with the quality of construction, this model included. Upgrade to deluxe version by adding item 301 in addition. Options to consider adding: larger sail and heavy-duty mast (item 5011); carry bag for sail kit (item 6007); upgraded leeboards (item 5092). Links to click for more info: (1) Options Page (2) More Photos and Text (3) Video See how portable it is! Similar to the Sea Eagle Explorer 380X (Item 6027below) with these differences: The Sea Eagle has better seats, pump and paddles. Also the Sea Eagle has drain holes in the floor with water type caps. The Saturn has no holes.

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