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Intex Seahawk Sport 400 .NOT AVAILABLE.. 10- foot, higher pressure boat
Item #: 3016

product_image NOT AVAILABLE See item 3028 Seahawk II, now with motor mount capability.

Complete Intex Seahawk Sport 400 inflatable rowboat set (no sail). 3-ply fabric allows higher air pressure which gives more rigidity. We call it 10-ft., even though it's 3" less, because the cockpit is longer & wider than the Sevylor 10-ft. K105. Full length rock guard reinforcements for ruggedness. Many extras included that you don't get with Sevylor Super Caravelles and Caravelles: Pump, oars, battery pouch, gear pouch, fishing rod holder, oar holders and carry bag. 660-lb. capacity. Motor mount sold separately (item 3024).

Click image at left to enlarge it. Boat alone is 32 lbs. (Compare to a 10-ft. Caravelle at 23 lbs. That tells you how much thicker the fabric is on the Sport 400). Also available from us with sail rig as a complete inflatable sailboat package. This makes a great sailboat. Jim's favorite. (Sport 400 has been superceded by Seahawk II, item 3028)

PRICE: $199.00 + $49.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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