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KAYAK DISCONTINUED Pathfinder II 13' kayak, sail rig, with stabilizers (aka Viamare 400)
Item #: 2025

product_image KAYAK DISCONTINUED: Complete sailboat package including inflatable stabilizer pontoons (outriggers) to prevent capsizing. Includes 45 SF nylon sail, inflatable stabilizer floats, inflatable kayak, seats, paddles, carry bag for boat, foot pump. Complete sail rig included (2 steering oars, 2 leeboards, frame, straps, mast, boom, gaff and ropes), along with use instructions and basic how-to-sail guide. Boat weighs just 25 pounds but has room for 2 people (shipping weight just over 40 with seats, paddles, pump etc). Sail rig weighs about 38 pounds. Good choice for customers in EU because we have German distributor for the kayak part, saving you tax and shipping. Extras to consider: (a) carry bag for sail rig (item 6007), (b) upgrade to larger sail and heavy duty mast (item 5011). For sail rig only (no kayak) see item 6026. Upgrade Leeboards, item 5092. More Info & Pics Click HereClick arrow to start video.......... See how portable it is! This boat was the Pathfinder II and is now renamed the Viamare 400 or Viamare XXL in some markets but it is the same boat. Note: The seats that come with this kayak are a low-back non-inflatable type. If you want the high-back inflatable seat seen in some of our videos, that's a Sea Eagle seat available for $59 each additional. Kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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