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Solstice Quest Dinghy Sail Kit with Rudder (no boat)
Item #: 1070

product_image This is the 45 SF sail kit only. We don't sell the boat but they are widely available in 10' and 12' size from Amazon and other vendors. Deluxe version(item 1072 click here) suitable for either size. The Solstice Quest is a firm and rigid inflatable dinghy with a wider stern than the Mariners or the Hydro-Force. As such, the Solstice Quests are a good choice for the center rudder and tiller instead of the steering-oar steering system (although you can get Mariner and Hydro-Force sail kit from us in a rudder version as well). We recommend center rudder steering for kids and for adults of small stature, and for people who just like the traditional feel of a rudder and tiller. We've made the rudder standard on this boat, instead of steering oar steering. So there is no need for the rudder upgrade. What's included: ,45 SF sail kit with nylon sail, rudder and rudder mount. Everything you need to sail is included except for the boat. However you may want a sail kit bag, you may want to upgrade to the heavy duty mast (more headroom under the boom) and you may want the bigger sail. Dinghy sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

The Solstice Quest weighs about 40 lbs without the sail kit, which is a lot less than the weight of the Mariner 3 or 4. So that's a big advantage. Rated for 3 people (2 would be better - get the 12 footer for 3). Motor mount available (uses Navigator motor mount). Sail kit weighs about 38 pounds.

Click Here for Solstice 10-Ft Quest Boat on Amazon

Click Here for Solstice 12-Ft Quest Boat on Amazon

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