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Canoe crossbar and gunwale clamps
Item #: 5034

product_image Aluminum clamp-on crossbar with two square tubes in it that accept our stabilizer float arms, pop-in leeboard mounts, and/or rowing outriggers. Pre-drilled for the spring-buttons that lock in the attachments. Pair of gunwale clamps included. Standard lengths are 30", 36", 40", 45". State length in comment box of checkout page. Custom lengths possible. If you have our canoe stabilizer or canoe sail kit, then you already have one of these. If you want just the crossbar and no gunwale clamps, that is item 5097. State length desired in comment section of checkout page. Standard lengths are 30", 36", 40", 45" and 46". Custom lengths are additional cost see item 5072. But don't worry if a standard length is a little long because there is no harm in having a little bit of overhang.

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