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Kayakamaran sail rig
Item #: 6008

product_image Harness two kayaks into this rig and you've got a kayakamaran -- a catamaran based on kayak hulls. Very stable, so stabilizer floats not included. Sail with hard shell or inflatable kayaks, or one of each. A Sevylor k79 kayak is about $100 (order separately). If you add stabilizer floats to your order($134 additional for foam type or $233 for hydrodynamic type), then a subset of parts from this rig plus the stabilizers equals one kayak sail rig. So you will have both options. Also see deluxe & super deluxe versions below (item 6010 and item 6011). Consider getting a carrying bag (item 6007) to keep the parts together and make it easy to tranport. After ordering, email and describe the kayaks you will be using it on (width, inflatable or hardshell). More Kayakamaran Info Kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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