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Upgrade to Super Deluxe kayak sail kit - Save $60
Item #: 6101

product_image This upgrades your kayak sail kit purchase to the Super Deluxe version from the Standard kayak sail kit. This upgrade includes all the upgrades that come with our Deluxe version upgrade plus these ADDITIONAL upgrades at a discounted package price, save $60: (1) Neil Pryde Dacron sail upgrade and (2) Polycarbonate unbreakable leeboards.

IMPORTANT: This item can only be purchased together with a sail kit or sailboat in the same order. It cannot be ordered by itself.

Consider adding stabilizers to help keep you right-side-up, if not already included in your order.* Inflatable stabilizers: Click Here. Rigid stabilizers: Click Here.

*Certain kayak models clearly require stabilizers and so we include them as basic equipment. Dinghies and some other kayaks are stable enough that many people will not feel they need stabilizers, so we make them optional. If stabilizers are not mentioned in the description of an item, they are not included.

PRICE: $298.00 + $0.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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