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NOT AVAILABLE - Kayak Stabilizer with Ethafoam Floats
Item #: 6003

product_image NOT AVAILABLE IN ETHAFOAM Outrigger floats, crossbar, mounting legs and special low-profile brackets for attaching the mounting legs to the deck of your kayak. This is for small cockpit kayaks (cockpit under 65" long) and large-cockpit kayaks that lack a suitable gunwale lip for accepting canoe gunwale clamps. Large cockpit kayaks can use canoe stabilizers (clamps on gunwales instead of bolting on) if they have a suitable gunwale lip. Sit-on-top kayaks that lack any hatch to get to underside of deck near mounting location can still use these stabilizers; you just need to purchase the rubber well nuts (expansion nuts) we sell so it can be mounted entirely from the top.

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