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Canoe Stabilizer with Hydro-Dynamic Floats - Please state canoe width & brand in comment space at checkout.
Item #: 5026

product_image The extremely popular canoe stabilizer with streamlined floats. Also works for jon boats, v-boats, etc. These hydrodynamic pontoons are strong and create very little drag and very little splash, so they are great for sailing or motoring, as well as paddling or rowing. Floats adjust in and out and up and down. No-tool installation and no-tool adjustment. Everything you tighten is a hand knob or lever. Item 5118 is same thing with a handy carry bag. more info click here These stabilizers come with the lever lock system for the up-down adjustment. Video on lever locks and close-up photo click here. When you get there, scroll down for video. We are happy to ship these anywhere in the world. Email for shipping quote or other questions. Five-year warranty against leakage!

Standard crossbar lengths are 30, 36, 40 and 45 inches. Please tell us which to send in the order comment space you will see during checkout. The length needs to be long enough to span your canoe or boat where you plan to install it, but it can be longer. If your craft has an outside lip at the gunwale, add 4 inches to crossbar length needed, so you'll have enough overhang to put the clamps on the outside. Most canoes are inside lip, but Coleman, for example, is usually outside. If your boat has no good lip, order our J-brackets (aka "false gutters") to bolt on and then the clamps will mate up to the brackets. If you want a non-standard length crossbar (including longer than 45 inches) we can do it for a small additional charge.

Stabilizer accepts many accessories -- sail kit, wheels, leeboards, rowing outriggers, motor mount.

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