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Custom Payment - Change quantity then click Update Quantity then Checkout then write note in comment space
Item #: 8888

product_image Use this item to pay for anything that does not have its own "buy now" or "add to cart" link. Here's how:

1) After you click "Buy Now" below, it will bring up the shopping cart. Change the QUANTITY ("QTY.')to the amount you need to pay. Include shipping cost.

2) Click the "Update Quantity" button at lower left of the shopping cart screen.

3) Click "Checkout" and this will bring up the checkout screen which you then complete and submit.

4) On the checkout screen there is a space for Order Comments where you should please write what you are ordering.

So, to recap: Click buy now, change quantity to the amount to pay, click update quantity, click checkout, and tell us what you bought in the order comments.

Click here for more explanationif you feel you need it.

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