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Upgrade Steering Oars to Add Kayak Paddle Versatility
Item #: 4802

product_image This is an upgrade item that modifies the order it is part of. It cannot be ordered by itself.

Add this item to replace a standard pair of steering oars with a pair that is convertible into a kayak paddle. The blade sections of the steering oars snap together to make one double-bladed kayak paddle. So, if you are out sailing and convert to convert from wind power to human power, you just take apart your steering oars and put them back together as a kayak paddle. Your two oars make one paddle.

This item is only applicable if you have two steering oars in your order. Most of our kayak sail kits do.

These convertible steering oars are also more heavy duty than our standard ones (1 1/4" diameter shafts instead of 1 1/8")

PRICE: $30.00 + $0.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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