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Sail Kit for Pakboats
Item #: 3025

product_image SailboatsToGo folding portable sail kit for Pakboats. Video Link. This is the sail kit only (no boat, no stabilizer floats). Pakboats are a line of folding canoes and kayaks with interior aluminum frame, non-inflatable PVC skin, and inflatable tubes between the frame and skin. Under sail, they're fast and go great to windward. If you're skeptical of inflatables, but want extreme portability, this may be the boat for you.

The sail kit includes everything you need to "sailboatize" a pakboat: sail, mast, leeboards, steering oar, framework to hold it all together and clamps to clamp it to the pakboat. This is the basic kit with one steering oar, 45 SF nylon sail & no stabilizer floats. See also deluxe package item 3026. We strongly recommend adding our hydrodynamic stabilizers (item 1006) to this item or getting the deluxe package that includes stabilizers and other accessories. Upgrades available besides stabilizers include, upgrade to 55 SF sail (item 5011 - really not needed unless winds are very light - & heavy duty mast, heavy-duty bag for sail kit (item 6007), second steering oar (item 5031). With a second steering oar, you can propel the boat by rowing if the wind dies, and you can switch steering hands without shifting an oar from one side to the other. More Info.

Canoe sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here. Kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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