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Sail kit for Sea Eagle Fold Cat 375fc
Item #: 2030

product_image Finally! A sail kit for the 375fc Fold Cat from Sea Eagle. This is a SailboatsToGo folding sail kit with 45 SF lateen sail and leeboards so you can tack upwind. Upgrade to 55 SF sail by adding item 5011 to the order.

See lots of pictures and video clips here: Fold Cat Photo Album (click) When you get to the album, you can launch the video clips by clicking on them (some are still photos and some are video clips)

Since the Fold Cat comes with big oars, no steering oars from us are required. We provide a second set of oarlocks to be used for steering (and they still work for rowing!). Add item 5011 (click) to your order to upgrade this sail kit to larger 55 SF sail for more speed in light winds. Or go for the the batwing sail, which you do by adding item 5007 (click). For a sail kit bag, look at item 6007 or item 6021. Very easy installation. If you prefer rudder steering, see item 7007. Questions? Kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here. Dinghy sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

PRICE: $799.00 + $30.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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