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Special Kayak Sail Rig - Open sides -- for RazorLite and many others
Item #: 2021

product_image Sail rig for inflatable kayaks with good rigidity, and sit-on-top non-inflatables with scuppers in the right locations. Fits: Sea Eagle RazorLite, Sevylor XK2 and XK17 and Aire Trinity II (requires adaptor package for XK 17 and Trinity II). Also Saturn Expedition kayaks, Aire Tomcat, Outfitter, Traveller Canoe and similar Aire models, and more. Email for info and to specify your kayak model after you order. This item includes everything you need to convert these kayaks to sailing -- 45 SF nylon sail, spars, mast, mast step, front frame, leeboards, 2 steering oars, rear frame. Narrower kayaks (e.g., RazorLite) will need stabilizers (item 1006 or 1013) to help prevent capsizing. For SVX2020DS Sport Fisher see item 2039. For Sea Eagle Fast Track, Strait Edge, second option for Saturns, etc. see item 6022. Options that work with this rig (order separately) include: stabilizers (item 1006), larger sail (item 5011 - includes mast and sail upgrade), heavy duty mast by itself, rig bag (item 6005, item 3012 or item 3031). Leeboard upgrade (item 3031) video 1: Click Here video 2: Click Here Please mention your kayak make and model in comments section of checkout. Easy to adapt this sail kit for a canoe or Pakboat with addition of gunwale clamps (sold separately)

Kayak sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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