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Motor mount for Canoe - Hinged
Item #: 5052

product_image Designed for trolling motors only, this canoe motor mount is hinged so that your trolling motor will flip up automatically if it hits an underwater obstruction. Clamps onto your canoe gunwales without tools.

Optional extension available at extra cost. Without the extension (item 5054) fits up to 20-inch width. With extension, fits up to 30 inch width, so you can move motor farther forward. Unhinged version, next item 5053, for gas motors or electric.

If your motor has its own tip-up mechanism, it will be easier to use with non-hinged motor mount. Also, you can't use reverse with hinged version.

Heavy-duty construction: The crossbar is 3/8" thick by 2 1/2" wide solid marine-alloy aluminum. The clamps are heavy, ribbed castings for strength and rigidity, with 3/8" diameter threaded shanks for the hand knobs on top that you use to tighten the clamps. Click on picture to enlarge. For MyCanoe owners, be sure to ask for special version in your order comments.

PRICE: $115.00 + $12.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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