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conversion kit for canoe rig to kayak
Item #: 1997

product_image Convert our canoe sail kit to kayak sailing -- includes side rails with extensions, leeboard mounts on the side rails, foam blocks, straps and extensions. No stabilizers included because it is assumed you have those from your canoe sail kit. Converts the canoe sail kit into the item 6004 strap-on "Any Kayak" sail kit. Please describe your kayak in the order comments (one person or 2, brand and model).

If you want to convert to a bolt-on rig, not a strap-on rig, then you need item 5106 instead (assuming your canoe rig is the H-type). Request instructions in the order comments for the bolt-on kayak rig.

PRICE: $159.00 + $20.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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