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Canoe Sail Rig For Stabilizer Owners
Item #: 1017

product_image If you already own a stabilizer from us or Spring Creek this is the item to order. It is the complete canoe sail kit with 45 SF nylon sail, minus the stabilizer floats, front crossbar and its gunwale clamps (minus the components of the stabilizer you already own, in other words). To upgrade to larger sail and heavy duty mast add item 5011. Swap mast only for heavy duty is item 5016, custom dacron sail (item 5017 for 45 SF or item 5060 for 55 SF dacron with mast upgrade included). Extras to consider: High seat (item 1007), Carry bag (item 6007), waterproof floating cellphone case (item 5015). The item 6007 carrybag is a HUGE convenience and you'll be impressed with the quality of it. Leeboard upgrade (item 5092). Extra steering oar is item 5031 -- we like sailing with two steering oars because (a) we prefer steering with the oar on the downwind side, and with an oar on each side we don't have to move it from one side to the other and (b) for maneuvering in close quarters around other boats, a dock or swimmers, we can propel the boat short distances using the two steering oars together -- no need to pick up a paddle. Shipment to UK, Europe, Japan is item 6009. Canoe sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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