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Carry Canoe, Kayak, Boat, Ladder, Etc. on your vehicle's roof; storage rack for wall.


See the telescoping loading bar feature that makes loading a canoe so much easier: VIDEO CLICK HERE



Carrier Bar, extremely high quality and versatile:   Made of aluminum and stainless steel with padded top surface and telescoping ends (next picture) for wide loads and to make it easier for one person to load a heavy canoe or similar long object.  300-lb. capacity (subject to roof's own capacity).

  Available with suction cup feet (picture at left) or rain-gutter clamp feet (4th picture down).  



Easy one-person loading using retractable extension bars (included).   Inside each end of the carrier bar is a telescoping extension bar.  Pull it out up to 20" -- now you can load a heavy canoe more easily by yourself.   Lift one end of the canoe and angle it onto the extended bar.   Walk around to other end of canoe, lift it and swing it up onto the other bar.  Now slide the canoe over to center it over the vehicle and slide the extension bars back inside the carrier bars.   CONTINUED NEXT PANEL

Or, for wide loads, the extension bars can be left extended as much as you need them (max = 20" 20" =40").   The unextended length of the bar is 65" (or you can request 53" size).

For use on Truck caps we can provide wheel-well hooks and straps for the suction cup style rack or "false gutters" for the clamp-on type pictured above.  False gutters are little low-profile bracket you bolt onto the cap and then the clamp-on rack clamps into the false gutters. 

Picture at left illustrates rain-gutter-clamping-feet alternative to suction-cup feet.  Email  to select foot style and unextended length (65" or 53").  Suction-cup bar is secured to vehicle with straps (included) going through door frames and across inside.  In a van, rear strap can go through windows if they open or down to padded hooks in wheel wells ($25/pair addit). 

Carrier bar: $180  BUY NOW

Carrier bars are sold singly, so buy 2 if you need a pair.  Kayak saddle available below.   Longer loading bar available for wide boats.  See below. Load stops (optional) below help secure your boats from sliding. 


Kayak saddle shown installed on truck box rack (sold below)


Kayak Saddle - Clamps to our racks and most other square bars to cradle hull right-side up.   Set consists of  4 pieces like the ones pictured directly above (2 views of same thing). Adapts 2 bars to carry one kayak.  No tool installation using included stainless-steel hand bolts.       - $99/set  BUY NOW

Longer Loading Bar:  Would you like one long loading bar, coming out just one end, instead of shorter ones coming out both ends?    Can do!   A customer wrote us and said he needed a way to load a 200-lb. dinghy that's 4-feet wide by himself.   Our supplier made up a special 4-foot loading bar and customer was delighted.  Says now he also can load full sheets of plywood with ease.  The key to loading his boat safely is to temporarily secure the bow to the rack after it is resting on the bar before lifting the stern.  That way it can't slide and get out of control. Modify one carrier bar to have long, single loading bar  $15 (must be ordered at the time you order your carrier bar).  BUY NOW.



Suction Cup Rack Kit for Do-it-Yourself

Do-It-Yourself rack: Finished product you will make pictured above.   What's in the box pictured below.


DIY Alternative:

Wood Rack Hardware --  You provide the 2 x 4s to make this suction cup rack.  Complete kit.

Make your own economical carrier bar with this kit of parts -- suction cup feet and straps included.

Makes one carrier bar (order 2 to make a pair)  Instructions Click Here

$49  BUY NOW

Great do-it-yourself kit.

Canoe Storage Rack  (For Wall of Garage, Storage Shed, or Basement)  Indoors or out.

Canoe Storage Rack

Store your canoe on a wall, indoors or out.   Set of 2 giant folding L brackets.  The vertical arm of the L is 12".  Bolt this to the wall.  The horizontal arm is 36" and supports the canoe.  Folds up when not in use.  Won't rust.  $69  BUY NOW

Works even on wider canoes, because even a wide canoe is narrow at the ends!


Bottom of hitch rach (vertical).  Ball mount (horizontal) not included but available.

Terminates at the bottom in a vertical 3/4" threaded shaft (not visible), that goes in the hole for a  towing ball.  If you need a ball mount (the horizontal piece with 3/4" hole that slides into your square receiver), we can sell that too.  Click Here .

Aluminum Hitch Rack Carrier Bar

Here's a companion product for pick-up trucks (cars too - makes canoes more stable to get racks further apart):   Buy one bar for cab roof (above) and a second one that mounts to a trailer hitch receiver, with a long, adjustable leg so you can set it up to match the height on the rack on the cab - up to 68".  Extremely high quality, made of heavy-guage aluminum with stainless steel bolts, padded load surface, telescoping extension bars like roof racks above.  Looks sharp, stays rust-free, light for something so strong.   Included straps go out to corners of bumper, as shown.

$189   BUY NOW

 <<-Read this please

Adaptor for aluminum hitch rack -  two hole plate allows you to mount tow ball and use hitch rack at same time.

$8   BUY NOW

Steel Hitch Rack

Picture above and at left is steel truck rack used in 2 different ways -- horizontal for bed loading, vertical for cab-top loading.  Painted steel.  Requires 2" receiver-type hitch.  Adjustable height 55-60".   47" wide load surface.

$129  BUY NOW


Truck-Box Rack - Free Shipping!

One Tuff Truck Rack mounts to sides of pickup box by clamps or bolts (included) 

One of the most versatile truck
racks on the market today! Height and width are adjustable.  It can hold up to
650 lbs. of lumber, ladders, canoes, kayaks, etc.  Made of the highest grade aluminum and stainless materials --looks sharp and stays that way!  Loading bar will extend up to 20" with 2" increments.

The rack includes two strong aluminum
legs that adjust 24" to 34" in height. It has a 65" non marking rubber covered top with a side adjustment for the legs to fit different trucks. It has two loading bars that telescope out for two canoes and for ease of loading.  Mounts onto all trucks but you must email so he can send you the right adaptors for your vehicle.  On full-size Chevy/GMC 98-04 a rail cap is needed (email Jim to buy).  Also tell him whether you want clamp-on version or bolt-on.  We provide the clamps, or the bolting system.   One rack.  Can be used with suction cup rack on cab roof to support front of boat.

$339 each rack and free shipping BUY NOW 

Load Stops - pack of 4

Clamps onto carrier bar wherever you want them to stop objects from sliding.  You are looking at an extreme close-up photo of the load stop on a carrier bar .

Pack of 4  $49  BUY NOW



Kayak Saddle - Clamps to our racks and most other square bars to cradle hull right-side up.   Set includes 4 pieces (adapts 2 bars to carry one kayak) - $99  BUY NOW

Kayak Stands

Clamps to any roof rack (not just the ones we sell) to give you a vertical upright in the middle that you can lean kayaks against and strap them to.  Covered with vinyl tubing so as not to scratch kayaks.  20 inches tall and 8 inches wide.  Price is for 2.

$79  BUY NOW

What's included:  The vertical u-shaped piece and the clamping base x 2


Maybe you don't want to lift your canoe, kayak or boat onto the roof at all -- Consider a small aluminum trailer:

Trailer for Canoe, Kayak or Small Boat, with Free Shipping    

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