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Book On Learning To Sail -- Jim's Favorite
Item #: 3021

product_image We've read them all (almost) and this is the best "How-To-Sail-For- Beginners" type book out there. It's the one used by the Annapolis Sailing School. It's got one female author and one male author, so both halves of our species were represented in its creation, which for a "how-to" book is a good thing. More info on content and another buying option: Learning to Sail: The Annapolis Sailing School Guide for Young Sailors of All Ages Jim Luckett says: "It's clear, well written, well illustrated, and correct." We do provide "How To Sail" instructions (written and illustrated by Jim himself) with our sail kits, plans, and sailboats, but if you like to have things explained 2 different ways to help make them stick, read this book too. Paperback.

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