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Almost Universal Sail Rig - Fits rigid canoes/ kayaks; inflatable dinghies/canoes/kayaks
Item #: 2999

product_image Want one sail rig for your whole fleet? This one will do an inflatable dinghy, a rigid canoe, or a kayak. It has hydrodynamic stabilizer floats, one steering oar, leeboards, sliding leeboard mounts, canoe gunwale clamps, mast, sail, spars -- the works. Everything you will need to sail a canoe one day, an inflatable dinghy (e.g., Mariner, Sevylor Caravelle or Intex Seahawk) the next day, and inflatable or rigid kayak the next. Please let us know the boats you will using it on. Options to consider: Carrying bag (3012 or 6005), upgrade to larger sail and heavy-duty mast (5011). No drilling or other modification of your boats is required.

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