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11' Saturn minicat with sail
Item #: 2058

product_image The Saturn minicat 11 footer with our item 2009 sail kit. Standard is 45 SF sail. To upgrade to bigger sail for more speed order with item 5011. Standard steering is center rudder. Please read description of item 2009 for other steering options. Sail kit accessories, options and upgrades CLICK HERE. Boat Specifications: Length: 11' Tube Diameter: 17" Overall Width: 6' Inside Width: 3' Total Weight (Incl. Floor): 105 lbs Weight (Floor): 10 lbs Air Chambers: 4 + 1 Floor: High-Pressure Air floor Stainless Steel D-Rings: Carrying Handles: 10 Passenger Capacity: 4+1 Max Capacity: 1200 lbs Max Outboard Motor: 9.9 HP Packing Size: 52" x 28" x 12" Valves: Halkey Roberts Type Pressure Relief Valve: Rubber Strake Protection: Included Standard Paddles: 2 Oars Nylon Carrying Bag for boat: Included Warranty: 2-Year Included item 6005 sail kit bag sold separately.

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