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Old style Intex Motor Mount -- for Seahawk Sport 400 etc.
Item #: 3024

product_image This motor mount is for Seahawk Sport 400 and all older (pre-2005) Intex boats with motor mount fittings. Has longer arms than new-style (see item 3015 for new style). Often, this item is out of stock, because they are hard to get. In that case, you can order an adaptor so older boats can use the new-style motor mount. It is item 3020 and the new-style mount is item 3015. If you want to sail with motor mount in place, order clamps for steering oar assembly (item 3022). NOTE: ITEM OUT OF STOCK AND WE DO NOT KNOW WHEN OR IF WE CAN GET MORE.

PRICE: $59.00 + $15.00 S&H --> BUY NOW! <--

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