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Bag for stabilizers - Free shipping* if bought with stabilizer
Item #: 5103

product_image Nylon bag with zipper, shoulder strap and shopping-bag style carrying handles. Sturdy bag, just the right size for the canoe or kayak stabilizer. Accepts either hydrodynamic stabilizers or ethafoam stabilizers and associated hardware. Outside pocket for small parts. Zippered. Free shipping if purchased in the same order as a stabilizer. Otherwise, $7 will be added after checkout for shipping. Also works for sail kits -- get 2 if sail kit has stabilizer floats. Also free shipping in that case. Item 5118 is hydrodynamic stabilizer and carry bag in one item. *Bag ships free in continental US when purchased with a sail kit or stabilizer. Customer comment: "Jim, the bag just arrived. It is beautiful and probably about 50% under-priced for what it is. Beautifully made; reinforcements in all the right places; heavy duty zipper; beautiful sewing job on the red piping; just a terrific package... Be well and take care and thank you once again for producing such a teriffic product." --customer Alan S. March 2010

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