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Complete Inflatable Sailboat (12 foot, heavy duty, Sevylor HF360 plus our sail rig)
Item #: 2007

product_image The "stretch limo" of our lineup. Extra room for 4 adults plus deluxe features like paddle holders, gear compartment, battery compartment (for trolling motor), rod holders (for fishing rods). Click picture to enlarge. Hull is the Sevylor HF-360. Sail rig is our standard rig with 45 square-foot nylon sail. Order pump, oars, duffel bag (for sail rig) separately if you need them (item 2008 as a set or sold individually). Accepts motor mount for gas or electric outboard if you remove rudder. Green with black detailing. Note: Uses a 52-inch front crossbar that does not come apart, unless you order item 2057 snap-apart option.

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