One more click needed:  How about a carry bag for your new stabilizer? 

Keeps all the parts together so they don't get lost.  Just $29.  Free shipping*

Please click one of the "Buy Now" links below 


  • Sabilizer and bag  Buy Now ($349 plus $29 )
  • Stabilizer only Buy Now ($349 )


  *Bag ships free when bought with stabilizer.

Details:  Sturdy cloth carrying bag with interior padding, sized right for stabilizer floats, crossbar and gunwale clamps.  Zipper closure.  Shopping-bag-style handles and shoulder strap.   Very convenient for transporting and storing your canoe stabilizer.  Price is $29 and it does not increase the shipping charge on your order.   If it saves you from losing any part of your stabilizer system, it pays for itself.


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