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Batwing Sail

Put a batwng sail on any canoe, kayak or dinghy, including inflatables.  We have the equipment you need!!  Write:  . This is a very long page with lots of pictures and info so keep scrolling down until you hit the very bottom!.

SailboatsToGo sail kits can be upgraded to a 36 SF Batwing ("36 HP Sport") sail from Balogh Sail Designs .  We offer the option to substitute the batwing sail, mast and boom for the standard lateen rig or to buy them outright, either on their own or as an addition to a sail kit without deleting anything. Requires a different mast step (socket) than our regular one and the mast step is included.  In stock colors: Here .  

Already own a Batwing sail?  Discover more ways to enjoy it -- we can provide an inflatable sailing dinghy or kayak minus sail mast and boom that you can plop you mast into and be off sailing in a flash.   Or same thing for sail kit only to fit your hard shell kayak or canoe or rowboat.  Steering included (you don't need a built-in rudder in your kayak with out sail kits). 

Video Clips (click links):


(1) On board a 420X inflatable kayak in high wind


(2)  More on board 420X, including some in reefed mode


(3) Two kayaks playing, so you see the 420x from a 465 FT


(4)   Sea Eagle 465 FT inflatable Kayak (shot on board, and from another boat)


(5) Mariner 3 inflatable dinghy with batwing sail      


(6) Hard shell sit-on-top kayak with strap-on sail kit sporting batwing sail

(7)  On Canoe





Advantages of the batwing sail are:  Can be reefed to reduce sail area for strong winds, superior upwind performance in moderate and strong wind.   In light wind, the standard lateen rig is superior and in moderate winds the larger lateen sail (our 55 SF rig) may have a slight edge over the batwing when reaching (going across the wind) and running (going downwind) because of its greater sail area.  


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  • Two-ply leech, luff, and foot.
  • Webbed-on stainless steel "D" ring on clew.
  • Tapered fiberglass battens for a precise airfoil.
  • Durable webbing batten adjusters.
  • Heavy duty sail bag.
  • "Zippy Reef", reefing is as easy as closing a zipper.
  • BATWING™ sails are built to BSD's legendary quality. Made in USA.
The batwing sail is taller and narrower than most sails of its size.  The tall, narrow shape, plus the full-length battens, give it its high efficiency performance.


Sailing the batwing requires slightly different technique, because it has many horizontal full-length battens (stiffeners); this increases efficiency, but it takes away the ability to judge sail position by finding the luffing point.  Instead, telltales (ribbons, loose at one end) are provided, attached the the sail.  When the telltales are streaming straight back, sail trim is correct.  When coming about or jybing, the battens have to change to the opposite curvature ("pop").  If the wind is strong, the wind will do this for your.  If not, then you have to jerk the sheet line to make it happen.  The top batten is the most reluctant to pop in light air, but you can make it more willing by setting the tension on it low for weak  winds (each batten has individual tension adjustment).


The batwing sail can be used on hard shell kayaks and inflatable kayaks and dinghies, as well as on canoes.


Batwing sail on Sea Ealge 465 FT inflatable kayak


Batwing sail on Mariner 3 inflatable dinghy.

Batwing sail on Tango sit-on-top hardshell kayak.  Amas are our roto-moulded hydrodynamics



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Sea Eagle Fold Cat with SailboatsToGo sail kit sporting batwing sail.

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