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Runabout - Complete inflatable sailboat based on Sevylor SVX330
Item #: 2019

product_image This 10'10" inflatable makes a great portable sailboat or motor boat, accepting up to 10 HP outboard. Very stable. Very comfortable. Up to four people. Weighs about 57 lbs without the wood transom (which adds 11 lbs). Inflatable transom makes wood transom unnecessary for non-motorized use. Big upturn at the bow takes the waves nicely. Inflatable inner skin and tough non-stretch outer skin makes this a stiff, rugged boat. Yet it sells with the sail kit for less than similar boats without sail kit. Standard: 45 s.f. nylon sail, foot pump, oars, boat carry bag. Options: Heavy-duty mast, larger sail, dacron sail, rig carry bag, electric pump. see Captain's Blog for 9/11/05 for more info (click here) And Still More Info See item 5011 and item 5060 for sail upgrade options. Dinghy sail kit options, upgrades and accessories page: Click Here.

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